New Artist Spotlight Feature.

Jean-louis Pêcheur (Shawy)

Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge School of Art

Confucious said 2500 years ago: 
"If you don't want to work a single day in your life, just choose your passion as a job"

Hi,  My name is Jean-louis Pêcheur,  I am French and my nickname is 'Shawy'. After five years of studying Cabinet making, I came to the UK and spent two years at Lincoln University studying Illustration. As part of a project, I made a paper cut animation. This is when I decided to start my career in animation at Cambridge School of Art. I found that working with moving images enabled me to convey so much more. For me there are more possibilities and the end result is more satisfying.


I finished my degree just a few weeks ago and have spent the last four months on my Final Major Project, a three minutes short animation: “CARROTS, CROWN & ROLLERBLADES”.


I always loved animation but it took me a long time to realize that I could actually create it myself.  As an amateur I made a couple of paper cut animations, during my degree I have been experimenting with the traditional technic, and today I still draw my animation on paper with litght box, peg bare and pencil.


What I enjoy most about animation is that a still character, (drawing or puppet) can become alive and moveing, like magic.


I do animation because I like to tell story's and make people laugh.  Most of my work is made for this purpose; it can be a subtle joke or a very heavy gag, it dosen't matter, its all for the laughs.


I like sharing ideas and techniques; it's always interesting to see things from another point of view. In the future I would like to be an independent animator and create an animation studio to work collaboratively with other people. 

Madison Lovo
Illustrator / Concept Artist

Madison Lovo is an illustrator born and raised in the LA area. She's inspired by and loves trees, nature, beautiful organic scenery, and especially enjoys traveling to scenic places she’s never been before. 

She has aspired to create animation since childhood when she watched Disney and Pixar movies religiously, beginning with the first time she saw Monsters Inc. for her 8th birthday. She would draw characters constantly, but it wasn’t until later in college that she discovered how much she loved environment painting as well. Her dream job would be to work in visual development on projects involving fantasy and nature. Madison is a recent graduate from California State University, Northridge, where she studied animation and illustration. "Creating the Poster for The World Animation Celebration 2017 was a challenging but rewarding experience and it was my first professional job in the industry where I could show off my skills. I'm very excited about so many people being able to see my work." 

Cody & Dylon Valajo
Animators, Storyboards, Character Designers

From a very early age both Cody and Dylon Valjalo always knew they wanted to be a part of the animation industry because of their love of animation. Both graduates from East Los Angeles College with an associate’s degree in Art, they continue to work in all aspects of animation. “We’ve always shared the same interest throughout our lives and our enthusiasm of working as an animator, character designer, storyboard artist or illustrator continues to grow as we work on more projects”. “We want to create and tell stories that the world can enjoy and our passion for animation grows as we dive further into the field of animation.” “Working with Animation Libation has been an amazing opportunity to get us prepared for our future in animation and we both look forward to the many incredible experiences that we know we will have with them in the future.” 

Ambrose Garcia
Animator, Character Designer


I have always had an appreciation and love for the arts. Growing up in the 80's, I became fascinated by all the wonderful Saturday morning and after school cartoons, it was then that I knew animation was in my destiny. Aside from drawing and watching cartoons, I enjoy any type of outdoor activities, going to the movies, and trying different types of food. My aspirations are to work in the animation industry, travel the world, open a school where I can teach the fundamentals of art to young kids, and write my autobiography. For now, I just live life to the fullest and keep the kid inside of me alive through my art. "I had a lot of fun working with Animation Libation Studios, designing the poster for the World Animation Celebration festival, it was a wonderful opportunity and I look forward to being a part of future projects."

Crystal Jimenez
Animator, Character Designer & Web Comic Creator


Crystal’s graphic design, fashion illustration, Illustrations, and Character Designs led her to design one of the 3 posters for ‘The World Animation Celebration’.  Her goal as a pre-production artist is to continue to design original characters and backgrounds for animated television series. “It’s been an amazing opportunity to have been able to work right after graduating with Animation Libation Studios on The World Animation Celebration Festival."