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About Us

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As the CEO and founder of the global animation studio, Animation Libation Studios, Michael Bonitatis is engaged in promoting newly emerging artists from around the world. Additionally, he has collaborated with industry veterans from Disney, Dream Works, Sony, and Nickelodeon to develop multiple projects. Serving as the Art Director for the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine, Michael has produced and directed animations and presentations for Fortune 500 companies. Slope of the Curve; an animated short film he produced and animation directed is featured on CNN money. Michael has been a professor of computer-based and traditional animation and animation production for over a decade at several local colleges including East and West Los Angeles College, The Art Institutes, Cal State Northridge, Cal State Fullerton and The Los Angeles Film School.  He has also developed and implemented curriculum, led production teams, and served as a consultant in the animation education field. Michael holds a M.F.A. for Animation & Visual Effects from the Academy of Art in San Francisco. He is currently the festival Director for the revival of 'The World Animation Celebration' at Sony Pictures Animation and rapidly establishing it as the premiere animation festival in Southern California.


Michael Bonitatis 


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Mike Libonati is a Professor of Animation at East Los Angeles College. 
His students have had their work presented at Siggraph, CTN Animation Expo and various film festivals throughout the country. 
Mike has also been a consultant for the City of Los Angeles on animation curriculum and is passionate about teaching production techniques to students. 
He has a MFA from California Institute of the Arts in Animation. He also has a degree in History and Anthropology from Bowdoin College/Glasgow University.
Mike works in 2D and 3D development in Los Angeles for various clients in both film and television including project presentations for Disney Feature, Universal and Fox. 
He is currently working with Animation Libation Studios. 

He also works on renderings for architectural lighting design including projects such as the Coex Mall in Korea, Asia’s largest underground mall, Tesla Motor Company in Los Angeles for Luminesce Design. Mike is a board member of Cinema Without Borders and is passionate about international animation and film. Mike worked on a yearly animation day with Cinema Without Borders highlighting both work and artists presenting from various areas of the world including Latin America, Canada and last year Hungary. 


Mike Libonati 

Chief Creative Office

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Carol Ashley is an industry veteran with over 20 years in feature film visual effects and animation, including Composite Supervisor on “The Matrix” and Lighting Technical Director at DreamWorks Animation on “Shark Tale”, “Madagascar”, “Over the Hedge” and “Flushed Away”. She holds an MFA in Film & Video with an emphasis on cinematography and visual effects and a BFA in Experimental Animation from California Institute of the Arts. She has contributed to numerous feature films for Sony Imageworks, Cinetropolis FX, Cinesite, Hammerhead, Rhythm & Hues and Technicolor.  Carol began her career at Will Vinson Studios as a Stop-Motion Animator on the California Raisin commercials, including designing and animating the Michael Jackson character for the award winning commercial, “Michael Raisin”.  While earning her Master’s she was asked to start up the stop-motion animation program at CalArts and stayed on as visiting faculty for two years after graduating.

Carol has also taught at the Art Institute of Atlanta and Hollywood campuses in 3D animation and Visual Effects.  Carol is the former Department Chair for Media Arts at The Art institute of California - Hollywood before starting her tenure track position at Cal State Fullerton in Entertainment Art/Animation. She serves as the Director of Outreach at Animation Libation Studios, developing original content and bridging the gap between higher education and the animation industry.

Carol Ashley 

Associate Professor of Game Art, Animation and Immersive Media

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Lee Crowe is originally from Atlanta, GA, and worked as an artist in the animation industry in Los Angeles, CA, for over 25 years at Warner Brothers (Space Jam, Osmosis Jones, Scooby Doo), Disney (The Little Mermaid, Rescuers Down Under, Brother Bear), Nickelodeon (Hey Arnold!, Rocko’s Modern Life), and Fox (The Simpsons, Family Guy). 

She has a BA in art from LaGrange College in LaGrange, GA, an Applied Arts diploma in character animation from Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, and an MFA in Illustration from Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, GA. She currently resides in Savannah and teaches animation at SCAD. 

Lee Crowe 

Director of Industry Outreach

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Eric Sencer has over 35 years of experience  as an senior executive leader in the financial industry, overseeing divisions of bankruptcy, foreclosure and default loan servicing for banks and mortgage servicers such as Great Western Bank, Washington Mutual, Bank One, Chase, First American and LERETA.

In addition, Eric directed business development for multiple loan servicing support companies. Eric's business leadership expertise and experience in the business development arena is taking Animation Libation Studios and it's IP to the marketplace for mainstream distribution.

Eric Sencer 

Director of Business Development

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