2015 World Animation Celebration

Rules & Guidelines for Submission

How to submit your animated short film :

International Animation Festival
  1. To submit your animated short film for consideration fill out the form below. You will be contacted by e-mail if your film has been chosen to be in the World Animation Celebration 2015.

  2. Your short film has to be animated in the style of one of the catgories below:


  3. If you submit your short  film in the student category you must be a current student attending school or graduated within the last year.

  4. Entry fee:




  5. Submission Deadline is:  Wednesday September 30th, 2015  -  We are no longer accepting submissions.

  6. You must own the rights to your film. If you are a team, the name entered will be considered the primary party contact. All parties credited must jointly have the rights to the film and the primary party contact must have the authority to assign those rights on behalf of the team.

• CG Animation

• Stop Motion Animation

• Traditional Animation
• 2D Computer Animation
• Experimental Animation

• Students: FREE

• Professionals: US $20.00
• Early Bird Discount: 50% if submitted before July 1, 2015

Format of Submission:

• Format: QuickTime (.mov)

• Compression: H.264
• Resolution: 1920x1080 (1080p)


You must name your .mov file the same as the title you enter under "Film Title," below.  Replace spaces with underlines (e.g. My_Film_Title.mov).


Your film will only be considered if it meets the submission requirements.